February 14, 2016

How Am I Going To Get My Kids To Read...TODAY?

     "Rabbit! Turn that off. It's time to do your reading."
     "Not today..."
     "Yes today! You didn't do it yesterday, because you claimed it was a holiday. It wasn't, by the way...I realize holidays OFTEN fall on Mondays, but not this Monday, chief! This time a Monday was just a Monday...and you missed it. As far as I know, the only holiday you can claim yesterday to be is "THE DAY YOU SHIRKED ALL OF YOUR PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITIES, MOST NOTABLY TO YOUR MOTHER, A READING TEACHER, THE 30 MINUTES OF READING YOU ARE REQUIRED TO DO EACH DAY....AN ACTIVITY WHICH ENCOURAGING YOU TO DO IS LIKE PULLING TEETH!" That is the only holiday yesterday could possibly have been".
     (Barely moving his eyes from the screen) "Right, well today is DEFINITELY a holiday. It's Tuesday. The only Tuesday we will have all week."

     I turn to the seven-year-old, hoping that he will be slightly more willing.
     "Hippo, it's time for your 30 minutes of reading."
     "Ok, I'll get my book."
     One minute of upstairs silence...
     Two minutes of upstairs silence.....
     Three minutes of upstairs silence. Ok. I'll bite.
     "Hippo? Were you planning on...comping DOWNSTAIRS with that book? Is that what you meant?"
     Silence...a very faint sound of two plastic edges coming together in a Lego union...
     My feet hit the stairs, I fly to the top and land in the Hippo's room, barefoot, directly on to the beginning of the Lego firewall currently providing his room with Fort Knox security.
     "Arghghghyah! Wha! Ah! T! Happened to going upstairs to get a book?!"
     "I did, but then I noticed that the wizard didn't have a hat. The hat kind of makes the wizard, so I dumped out all of the other Legos in every other bin in my room to find the wizard's hat".
     Oh, no...not because it's over, but because I just can't take any more. Not one. more. second.
     In no way do I want to get this blog off on the wrong foot. The Zoo Librarian is all about all of the wonderful books we should be reading with our kids. I just want it to be understood that getting our kids to actually BE READERS in a world full of much more tempting distractions is really, really challenging even for those of us who are supposed to have a toolbox full of strategies.
     How do you get your kids to be readers?


  1. Welcome to the blogging community!!! Thankfully, both of my kids just love to read. I had nothing at all to do with it. One time we took my son's books away as a consequence!
    Laughter and Consistency

  2. After leaving my previous comment, I noticed that you teach in Connecticut. I live and teach in Connecticut! Hello there, neighbor!
    Laughter and Consistency